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Reading Sites

AESOPFABLES.COM - http://www.aesopfables.com/
Has the entire text of 655 of Aesop's fables and 127 fairy tales from Hans Christian Andersen. Try Selected Fables which includes eighty-six Aesop fables with their morals listed.  Look for the Real Audio logo in the lower right-hand corner of some of the story pages to hear the fable read.  Lesson plans are  included.

AESOP'S FABLES - http://www.umass.edu/aesop/
You need Flash 4 Player or above to view this site.  University of Massachusetts professor Copper Giloth asks his students to illustrate or animate an Aesop fable, along with their own modern retelling of the story. This collection of nearly forty fables is the best of that student work dating back to 1994.  This fun site is a must-see, and is a great place to start before creating your own fables.  Check out "The Jay and The Peacock."

ALICE IN WONDERLAND, AN INTERACTIVE ADVENTURE - http://www.ruthannzaroff.com/wonderland/
A wonderful world of Lewis Carroll. So many different activities, like Alice's Guessing Game (hangman type), Help Distract the Puppy (a draw/color activity) - for all ages.

ANTHOLOGY OF MIDDLE ENGLISH LITERATURE - http://www.luminarium.org/medlit/
Essays, articles and sources on Chaucer, Gawain, Langland, Julian, Kempe, Malory, Everyman, as well as Lyrics and Plays ? I love the layout, it's an indispensable resource.

sARTHUR'S DRAMATIC PLAY ACTIVITIES - http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/arthur/teachers/activities/dramatic.html
Marc Brown offers this short list of activities teachers can use with their students to promote creative expression and movement in conjunction with the Arthur series of books; includes Flea, Fly, Flamingo, Pencil Power and The Beat Goes On.

AUTHOR PAGE - http://www.ipl.org/div/kidspace
Internet Public Library's short list of author biographies and links to author sites; great for drawing kids in and helping them feel like they are rubbing elbows with the true professionals.....nice lead-in to Writing Workshop in your class.

CAROL HURST'S LITERATURE SITE - http://www.carolhurst.com/index.html
This is a collection of book reviews for kids, ideas of ways to use them in the classroom and a collection of books and activities about particular subjects, curriculum ideas, themes and professional topics.

CHILDHOOD READING - http://childhoodreading.com/
Childhood Reading is a pretty mix of fairy tales, fables and poetry accompanied by original early-twentieth century illustrations.  The illustrated tales are indexed by both author and illustrator. It has simple design and great artwork.

CHILDREN'S LITERATURE WEB GUIDE - http://www.acs.ucalgary.ca/~dkbrown/index.html
Books, awards, authors, resources, lessons and ideas for the classroom -very comprehensive and it's quick and easy to load and use.  Good lessons!

FRY READABILITY SCALE - http://www.readabilityformulas.com/fry-graph-readability-formula.php
This page gives the directions for use of the Fry Readability Scale.  You can judge the readability of any text using the chart that is also on the page.

HARRY POTTER INTERACTIVE CROSSWORD PUZZLE: - http://www.surfnetkids.com/games/harrypotter-cw.htm
This is a page with a crossword puzzle.  Click on any word then read the clue and fill it in.  Interesting.

INTERACTIVE MATH AND READING LESSONS - http://www.myschoolhouse.com
Free interactive reading, spelling and math lessons for grades 1-6. Each lesson is skill specific, the lessons are completed online and scored online.  The student attempts the lesson until he/she has 100% mastery.  A free reporting system is available as well.

JANE AUSTEN - https://www.surfnetkids.com/resources/jane-austen/
“Romantic novelist Jane Austen (1775 – 1817) achieved success in her lifetime with the publication of “Sense and Sensibility” in 1811, followed by four additional novels. Her continued popularity after two-hundred years is nothing short of phenomenal, with adaptations of nearly every kind continuing to spring up. “ Check out the resources listed by Barbara Feldman.

KIDSBOOKSHELF - http://www.kidsbookshelf.com
A children's literature Website for kids, parents, and teachers offering book reviews, writing contests, recipes, crafts, games, an author/illustrator spotlight, links to other great sites, print and color pages, and links for teachers. They also accept stories, book reviews, and artwork from kids as well as articles and ideas from parents.

<>KIDS EDUCATIONAL COMPUTER GAMEShttp://www.turtlediary.com/?id=mailer
These online kids games by TurtleDiary start with pre-K amd teach great stuff – continents, math, the five senses, phonics, upper and lower case, times tables. You need it, it’s here free. You can search for games, stories, worksheets by grade/age PreK-2. Try the Food Chain game for second graders. Really fun.

LAURA CANDLER'S FILE CABINET - http://www.lauracandler.com/filecabinet/index.php
In the file drawers, you will find all sorts of activity sheets and blackline masters created for the classroom. All of them are in PDF format, so you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in to view and print the files.

MAGIC TALES OF MEXICO - http://www.g-world.org/magictales/
Nine stories with English and Spanish side by 

MOTHER GOOSE REBUS RHYMES - http://www.enchantedlearning.com/Rhymes.html
In these Mother Goose Rhymes, some words are icons, letting the young children ages 1-6 click on them as they read along.

NEWBERY AND CALDECOTT  MEDALS - http://www.ala.org/awardsgrants/awards/browse/bpma
Click to this page then find the award you are interested in. For example Best Fiction for Young Adults, Randolph Caldecott Medal, or Great Graphic Novels for Teens, Great Interactive Software for Kids, or the John Newberty Medal. Even Notable Children's Books. This is a great site for everyone.

<>THE ON-LINE BOOKS PAGE - http://digital.library.upenn.edu/books/
Complete list by title, author, subject, serials, there are over 11,000 listings here.

OUTTA RAY'S HEAD - http://www.rayser,ca
 A collection of lesson plans with handouts by Ray Saitz and many contributors; all of the lessons have been used and refined in the classroom.  Contents contain literature, writing and poetry.

PHONEMIC AWARENESS - http://www.sightwords.com/phonemic-awareness/
This site has tips for teaching reading, a comprehensive curriculum, lessons, printable picture cards, word lists, and game boards,
tips for tailoring games to the specific needs of your students, and is packed with games, activities, and tools to help parents and educators prepare children for learning to read. Quite neat!

PHONICS LINK - http://www.magickeys.com/books/phonics.html
Children's Storybooks Online offers stories for children but also helps them learn to read them. Here are some of the best phonics links to other great sites with useful phonics games, information and materials

s READER'S THEATER PAGE - http://www.aaronshep.com/rt/RTE.html
Aaron Shepard's Reader's Theater page with scripts and a guide for writing your own scripts, how to use them and why they work.

 READERS THEATER SITEShttp://www.jbonzer.com/readerstheatersites.html
From first grade teacher J. Bonzer, there are lists of places to find readers theater sites and other sources.

RLSTINE - http://www.rlstine.com/
See the funhouse, site for teachers, rainy night theater (story)

SCHOLASTIC:  MYTHS, FOLKTALES,  FAIRY TALES - http://teacher.scholastic.com/writewit/mff/
This Scholastic project is a multi-grade resource for learning about and writing myths, folktales and fairytales. Grades one to three explore fairy tales and meet two authors who have re-written classic fairy tales: Jon Scieska (author of "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs") and Diane Good (author and illustrator of  "Cinderella: The Dog and her Little Glass Slipper.") Similarly, grades three to six dive into folk tales while grades five through eight learn about myths. There even is an opportunity to submit your own tales for possible publication on the Scholastic site.

SIMONSAYS KIDS - http://kids.simonandschuster.com/
Touted as the site with the coolest books on the planet, the design is for kids and is sure to lure them into reading. Site is the Simon and Schuser link.

SONNET CENTRALhttp://www.sonnets.org
An archive of English sonnets with commentary, pictures, and relevant links on the WWW.

SPARKNOTES -http://www.sparknotes.com/
Created by Harvard University students and alumni, SparkNotes is a collection of free online study guides to approximately 100 literature classics. Each SparkNote contains sections on context, characters,  overall summary, chapter-by-chapter summary and commentary, study questions, and a message board for collaborative learning. Grade Level:  High School

STORYLINE ONLINE - http://www.storylineonline.net/
Hear books read by "stars". Books in English and Spanish.

STORY PLACE -http://www.storyplace.org/
In English or Spanish - this digital library site has interactive stories, a reading list, and printable activities. Click on the Preschool or Elementary Library to begin. Click on Other Themes or Otros Temas for additional stories.


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